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What Graduates and Students say


This is just some of the beautiful feedback we have received from our Graduates and Students

HICAT came into my life at just the right time, and I am really glad that I said yes to this! Studying with Katie was lovely, she was very supportive, happily answered all my questions and gave me really useful feedback. Even though it’s a self-study course, I really enjoyed the regular calls and getting to know the others who are on the same journey and I’m happy we get to keep in touch after the course ends. It was great experience to use my creativity to be happier, and I’m excited to see where this will lead me!

Nat - HICAT Graduate - 2022

I truly believe that this course was heaven sent to me.  It has helped me to really believe in myself and has shown me that I actually do have so much to give and so many creative ideas.  It has given me the motivation to realize that I will be able to create the life that I have always wanted and become a practitioner and have my own business one day

Beki - HICAT Graduate - 2022

I’m seeing and feeling the benefits of knowing stress yet not reacting to it. Again, thank you for bringing this into my life

Becca - HICAT Student 2022 - 23

I learn more each module that I do regarding the technicalities of how the brain and body responds to creative therapies. That’s the knowledge I’m seeking to back up my creative teaching that I do already.

Joanna - HICAT Student 2022 - 23

I am becoming a deeper person; friends have commented on this. I have always been quite thoughtful and interested in the ‘why’ of everything, but this course has sparked new curiosity and a new love of learning

Kelly - HICAT Student 2022 - 23

I have loved this module, I felt really connected to my inner self and have allowed myself a definite sense of freedom I would normally not feel

Rachel - HICAT Student 2022 - 23

Doing this course is really opening my eyes to the holistic approach and how being centered with yourself is very important. My reactions are changing and I’m more resilient than before because my belief system is changing

Helen - HICAT Student 2022

I feel I have grown so much on a personal level. This weeks course work has allowed me to discover new things about myself and about the world on so many levels

Norah - HICAT Student 2022

As I am learning more I am feeling my confidence grow and its giving me inspiration towards other things in the future

Jan - HICAT Student 2022

This course is enabling me to be myself, to be at peace with who I am - probably for the first time in my whole life and it really is magical

Katie - HICAT Student 2022

I feel calmer, and more able to access my happy place at times of stress or anxiety

Tanya - HICAT Student 2022

As the weeks go on I am becoming stronger as a person and, whilst I have always had incredibly strong values and beliefs, I am getting so much better at saying THIS IS ME , I am me, I am great, and I am to be accepted for who I am.

Nikki - HICAT Student 2021- 22

Each week I feel I am becoming more aware of my personal limitations and the boundaries I give myself. I am also more in tune with my personal views on the world and how they can help or hinder my interactions with it. I feel much stronger for knowing this and more able to deal with any challenges that come my way.

Elaine - HICAT Student 2021- 22

I felt proud of my piece as I never once judged it , I just flowed and felt so much enjoyment. It feels like a key has unlocked a huge door to more creativity

Jacqui - HICAT Student 2021- 22

What I have realised about myself during this experience, not just in this module but throughout my whole journey. I have realised that I have disguised my emotions like fear, anger, hurt, pain. And now that I know how much better it feels to express them, well it’s just so freeing!

Jennifer - HICAT Student 2021- 22

I can explain better due to my confidence in my knowledge, I am thinking of myself more and what I need and want in life rather than thinking about everyone else’s wants and needs. I make sure I stop when I feel I need to instead of going and going until burnout. I have finally put myself at the top of my priority list and I am truly starting to believe I can achieve anything.

Beth - HICAT Student 2021- 22

I was surprised by how effective this process was and how much of an impact it had on my wellbeing... I found it really helped calm my mind and be in the moment, forgetting about the demanding family life.

Bev - HICAT Student 2021- 22

I can thoroughly recommend the HICAT course with Devine-Creative. The course material is fab, the creative journey is enlightening and Katie's support is invaluable

Chris - HICAT Graduate - 2022

HICAT was a transformative course for me. Looking back now, I can see how it changed me by allowing me to express so many things in a way I could never imagine. It gave me a much deeper understanding of myself, and it allowed me to let go and heal things I never knew how to process. Making art without rules and the need for perfection was completely liberating and allowed me to find meaning in what I created. It was truly a life-changing experience

Michelle - HICAT Graduate - 2022

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Our next course commences on Monday 27th March 2023

A further course is scheduled to start on Monday 5th June 2023

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