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About Devine-Creative

Our approach is grounded, caring, we understand and we have fun!

Our Founder and Director Katie created Devine-Creative with the pure and simple intention of helping as many people as possible to overcome 'dis-ease' and feel empowered to heal themselves.


Following her own Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy (HICAT) journey and practitioner qualification Katie went on to further deepen her HICAT experience through Teacher Training. 


Devine-Creative is now licensed to deliver Mind Body Education training courses to help others achieve the HICAT Practitioner Training qualification for themselves, enabling our HICAT arms to reach further via shared intention. 


Our student support team are all qualified Creative Arts Facilitators/ Therapists having completed their own HICAT Practitioner training. 


We understand the power of these beautifully simple but very effective, creative tools to comfort and heal.  We support our students via our own personal experience, we don't judge, we understand, we listen to our intuition, and we are guided by our hearts.

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We believe that everyone’s goal is happiness. As humans, our ultimate purpose is to be happy, it is all each of us strive for every day of our lives, no matter what our circumstances.

Happy Portrait

Happiness through creativity

To be happy Maslow said we each have three main considerations;


  1. Our physical needs – food and water, warmth, rest, security and shelter

  2. Our emotional needs – belonging, family, friends, community, understanding of self

  3. Our spiritual needs – relaxing, creating, becoming who we really are, self-acceptance


Without our physical needs being met we cannot meet our emotional needs, and without our emotional needs in place we cannot understand or reach our spiritual needs. 


Holistic therapies focus attention on the Mind/ Body/ Spirit or Soul relationship.


Much of the benefit of HICAT lies in its power to effect positive change in our Autonomic Nervous System through balance of its two subsidiary parts; The Sympathetic Nervous System which simulates the stress response and the Parasympathetic Nervous System which simulates pleasure, relaxation and repair responses. Understanding (Mind) and feeling (Body) this relationship brings awareness of the Soul/ Spirit - our internal most authentic self.


People with little or no creative experience can find being creative freeing and insightful. The focus of HICAT is not to produce a beautiful piece of art or to be an amazing dancer but to use the creative process to facilitate healing and self-awareness and in turn make change, accept and grow. There is no judgement and there is no right or wrong. HICAT focuses on helping a person move forward. 


Happiness is not something to be found or achieved it already exists in each of us.


Through creativity Devine-Creative can support you to help yourself and/or others to relax more, become more mindful, create, accept and find your inner most authentic self, and ultimately reconnect with your happiness.

Happiness is not something to be found or achieved it already exists in each of us

Meet Katie


Katherine Tucker

Devine-Creative Ltd Founder and Director


In creativity I felt safe and was able to tackle deep emotions and feel soul based tingles!

I took an approach of - curiosity over fear - I gave myself permission to explore.


During and since my journey I recognise my pain in others. HICAT has inspired me to help heal.


Being curious now, I intend to provide calm and bring joy. I have love to share, and I want to help others so that together our reach is wider and HICAT practitioner by HICAT practitioner we make our world a better place.


I very much look forward to connecting with you and exploring together.


With Devine-Creative blessings

Katie x

Hi, I’m Katherine, everyone calls me ‘Katie’.


As a HICAT Tutor and Creative Arts Facilitator I help people to live happier and healthier lives.


As a wife, Mum of two amazing children, and NHS volunteer, I manage a beautifully busy life!

My own HICAT journey started from a place of stress, overwhelm and imbalance. I was a corporate banking office worker in a stressful Project Management role. I realised that my busy doing life had got the better of me. My emotions were high, my stress and anxiety levels were growing, I was forgetting things, making mistakes and not feeling at all good about myself. I was unhappy.


I was longing for change; I now understand that what I needed was a balance between my left logical ‘doing’ brain (the bit most of us are led by in our day to day busy!) and my right ‘creative’ brain (where calm and relaxation are realised).


I had always been creative; art and design had always been ‘my subjects’ at school and college, and since I’ve always had a little creative project of some type on the go. My instincts told me that HICAT was right – I’d never really truly trusted my instincts before, but something in that small voice was going to be listened to this time! I signed up for the online HICAT Practitioner Training with Mind Body Education.


I loved the creative outlet such a practical course gave me, and I loved the science behind why it all worked.


I was encouraged out of my comfort zone to try new creative practises, and I found myself surprised by what I enjoyed and what worked!


I was learning, growing and healing.


I found myself again, the authentic me.


Creativity enabled my mind and body to relax and my soul to heal.

Meet the Student Support team

Our next online courses commence on

Monday 16th September and Monday 4th November 2024

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