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Creative Arts Facilitation and
Wellbeing Coaching with Katie


Hello I'm Katie - as well as being the proud Founder and Director of Devine-Creative Education and a Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Tutor.  I am also a HICAT Practitioner (Creative Arts Facilitator) and Creative Wellbeing Coach.

As a Creative Arts Facilitator I host and design uniquely tailored workshops

for both one to one clients and community groups.

As a Coach, I can support you to grow your creativity, to grow your meditation practise,

to create healthier habits, prioritise self-care and more...


I am based in Southend-on-sea in Essex, I work both locally in person and online via Zoom.

My corner stones

I use the my ‘corner stones’ to help design all my practises and courses.

Each can work individually and sometimes a focus is given to just one but, more often the corner stones join and gain strength from each other.  Just as a flower needs the earth, light and water to grow, and just as we are all a combination of our mind, our body and our soul/ spirit my corner stone’s join to create full awareness.


Meditation Hand Gesture

Definition; The state of being conscious or aware of something

To me this means;

Stopping, becoming aware of the here and now and yourself in this moment, bringing about relaxation to the body, mind and soul, achieving a conscious meditative state either through quiet stillness or beautiful gentle creative action. Being.


Image by Martin Dawson

Definition; The use of imagination to create something

To me this means;

Mindfulness in action using creative tools and techniques to learn, understand and support healing. 

From drawing, painting and crafts, sculpture and clay.  Music, movement and dance, sound therapy, storytelling, drama, creative writing, journaling, creating with nature.  I will also help you understand the theory and some of the science behind why we are the way we are and how these techniques really do support us.



Definition; The action of consenting to receive or undertake something

To me this means;

Understanding and embracing, growing and changing.  Having plans, goals and actions in place to move forward, healing. 

Current opportunities to work with me 

If you are experiencing financial hardship, there may be ways I can support you with the investment in working with me, or I may be able to recommend a HICAT Graduate who is able to support you.

Please get in touch to arrange a conversation with me.

Woman with a Pencil

Creative Arts one to one Facilitation - £120 per 90 minutes


Bringing all my Creative Therapeutic tools.  I will tailor a session or series of sessions just for you and your goals.


From using creativity to enhance mindfulness and relaxation to achieving support with life's changes or specific life goals let's talk and design just what it is you need!

Please use the Contact form quoting 'Creative Arts Facilitator' and book a Discovery Call with me.

Art Class

Creative Arts Group Facilitator

Investment to be confirmed as I better understand your requirement


Book me to work with your group.  Bringing all my Creative Therapeutic Tools I will tailor a session just for you and your group/team.


From 2 hour workshops to full day events - let's talk and design just what it is you need!

Please use the Contact form quoting 'Creative Arts Facilitator' and book a Discovery Call with me.

Cute Notebooks

Building your creative practise - £300

(4 coaching sessions over 4 weeks)

Our goal with this course is to confidently trust, that we are constantly aware of, and working to better our own Mind, Body and Soul (Holistic) wellbeing.

We can do this by establishing a daily Creative Practise.  A way of checking in with ourselves every day, to ask ‘How are you?’ being sure we are looking at our self-care as a priority.

It is said to take 21 days to establish a new habit - this course runs across 4 weeks (x4 90 minutes sessions) gently encouraging you to build and make space for Mind, Body and Soul each day.

This course can be experienced on a one to one basis or as part of a small group.


Please use the Contact form quoting 'Building your creative practise' and book a Discovery Call with me.

Countryside Road

Your Dream your Niche Your Future - £525
(5 hours coaching + 90 minutes scheduled support across 6 weeks + final bonus 'check in')

Designed for HICAT Students nearing the end of their course or HICAT Graduates

The idea of the course is that we spend some time together looking at what you would really like to do with your HICAT qualification and set you on the path to setting up the content or ‘product’ of your new practice.


The course will start with some preparatory questions which you will complete before our first session.


These questions will get you to start thinking about who you are, your experiences, your skills, what you would like to do and what blockers may currently be standing in your way.


We’ll spend our first session together running through these questions and answers, you will provide me with lots of detail as to ‘where you’re at’ and I’ll support you with new ideas or ways of looking at how all you are/have might come together to support your future…



For our second session I’ll email you a second set of worksheets called ‘Finding your Sweet Spot’ you will work through these ready to discuss them in detail.

The worksheets and our conversation will look at What you loved from HICAT and Why you loved it.  Who you are and what is really natural to you.  We’ll cross match all of our what, why and who findings and produce a list of class/workshop ideas…



In preparation for our third session you’ll receive a third set of worksheets ‘The spectrum of possibilities’ in these you will dive into the class/workshop ideas produced and explore a range of options for your ideas.  We discuss these in full in our third session and look to produce a list of Goals, Actions and Next steps to keep you moving forward…


This course is designed across 6 weeks with a bonus check in session as a follow up about a month later to see how you are doing…

Please use the Contact form quoting 'Your Dream your Niche Your Future' and book a Discovery Call with me.

Cup of Coffee

Business Mentor - £250 per 90 mins

Having set up my own heart led, beautifully successful creative business I am keen to help others to do the same.

I can work as a mentor to you, supporting you to find answers to questions you may have or support you in finalising ideas before launching them.  I can act as a client 'guinea pig' and offer you feedback and support with new creative products/services.


I will use my experience and all I have learned to support you.

Bi-weekly Zoom calls for as long as you feel you need


Please use the Contact form quoting 'Business Mentor' and book a Discovery Call with me.

How can I support you?

Please contact me directly via our Contact page for more information

Katie x

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