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Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy
Practitioner Training Course

A Mind Body Education Training Course

Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy 
is a mental health profession that uses the creative process of art-making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being for individuals of all ages

Our next course commences on Monday 13th November 2023

A further course is scheduled to start on Monday 12th February 2024

Study online while fully supported by your tutors and peers

12 month course

10 hours home study per week (400 hours)


20 Modules

1 module every 2 weeks (40 weeks)

Course work submission via on-line platform every 2 weeks


12 weeks of study breaks

12 weeks of study breaks to be taken at times that suit you


Devine-Creative will close for all UK bank holidays,

1 week at Easter, 4 weeks in the summer

 and 3 weeks at Christmas.

Any further staff holidays will be advised in advance to all students



Progress feedback from your Assessor

Bi-weekly tutor led Zoom calls

Class Facebook group

Study Buddy pairing

Book one to one progress check-ins with your tutor

You will need some creative materials to support you on your course

You will be required to purchase a list of basic materials to support practical activities during the course.

Materials for the full course should cost a maximum of £150, materials are not all needed up front and can be bought as required along the way.  A list of recommended materials will be supplied post enrolment.

Who should do this course?
  • Suitable for all ages over 18 years, including mature age students

  • No previous experience or qualifications required

  • Start a new career as a qualified Creative Arts Facilitator or Creative Therapist, or add a new dimension to your existing career

Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy
can be used in a wide variety of settings and with an assortment of different clients
  • HICAT will provide you with valuable skills to help children express and process emotions, develop confidence, focus and concentration. HICAT is also extremely beneficial to children on the autism spectrum and their families


  • HICAT can also make an impact in aged care, completely changing the quality of life for many older people by assisting in treating loneliness and loss of purpose often experienced in this age group

  • HICAT skills are also in high demand in the corporate arena where they can contribute to positive work environments, reducing workplace stress and workplace bullying. HICAT can also help to improve creativity, leadership skills, productivity and profitability, making it a popular team building program for corporate managers

This course combines a multitude of exciting and inspiring creative modalities
  • Each module will be divided into theory and practice activities

  • A great deal of time will be spent exploring and participating in the creative arts and a wide variety of meditation styles, including movement meditation, mantra meditation, chakra meditation, guided creative visualisation, mindfulness and Zen Meditation. Online students will spend around 10 hours per week studying for one year. Studies will include reading, watching videos, completing art projects, writing essays and answering quizzes

  • There are some fieldwork components where you will need to involve a friend or family member or visit a professional practice, business or centre but we will guide and assist you with this

  • You will need to be able to take photos and videos and upload them onto your coursework submission forms. This is not difficult, and we can assist you to learn how to do this if you need us to

Practical topics covered in this course include:
  • Art Therapy (paint, watercolour pencils, charcoal & oil pastels)

  • Tactile Therapy (sculpture, clay, construction, sand play & environmental art-making)

  • Music, Tribal Rhythms, Medicine Drums & Sound Therapy

  • Dance & Movement Therapy

  • Role Play, Storytelling, Creative Writing & Drama Therapy

Theory topics covered in this course include:
  • The cause & effects of stress

  • The mind/body connection

  • Physiology of the brain

  • Unconscious beliefs and mental patterns

  • Exploring emotions

  • History of art therapy

  • Creative therapies & health

  • Why creative art therapies are effective

  • Creative art therapies as emotional healing

  • Creative art therapies for recovery & rehabilitation

  • Art & developing intuition

  • Drawing from within

  • Colour & emotions

  • Sound, vibration & the body’s cells

  • The creative process

  • Art appreciation Interpretation & diagnosis

  • Compassion & non-judgment

  • Learning Styles & personality types

  • Managing groups

  • Supporting clients

  • Working with PTSD

  • Working with anxiety disorders

  • Working with grief & loss

  • Working with children

  • Working with depression

  • Working in medical settings

  • Developing community arts projects

  • Meditation for every day

  • Meditation in action through art

  • Meditation with music and movement

  • Gratitude & art journaling

  • Holistic counselling skills for creative arts therapists

  • Networking & referring

  • Ethics, safety & professionalism

  • Setting up your own practice

  • Creating a specialised practice

  • Resources, materials & equipment

  • Marketing for creative arts therapists

  • Legalities, insurance and joining associations

Graduates become certified as
Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapies Practitioners
  • You will graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to set up your own Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practice; run workshops, work with groups and see individual clients, in either general practice or specialising in specific areas of interest, if you wish. You may also be able to seek employment within some organisations who value holistic and complementary therapies

  • Graduates can join The International Institute of Complementary Therapists, The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, The Complementary Medical Association and The International Association of Therapists and get professional insurance

  • You will also be provided with a full year of free membership to the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapists Association and the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association

  • This course is also suitable for personal development. HICAT enhances physical, mental and emotional functioning and well-being. Holistic therapists work with the whole person and assist people in becoming self-empowered through supporting them on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth, incorporating the body, mind, emotions and spirit

  • Graduates of the HICAT Course are not Art Therapists, they are Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy (HICAT) practitioners. In the UK graduates can call themselves 'Creative Arts Facilitators' or 'Creative Therapists'. 
    Arts Therapists in the UK must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), which is the statutory regulator of the profession. The Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner Training course is not an HCPC approved programme and completing the course will not lead to participants being able to register as an Arts Therapist or to provide art therapy.​

Our course is industry recognised

This means graduates can join the regulating associations when they graduate and gain insurance to practise

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Online Meeting

For further information take a look at our FAQs

Our next course commences on Monday 13th November 2023

A further course is scheduled to start on Monday 12th February 2024

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