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Master Practitioner of
Holistic Creative Therapy Course

A Mind Body Education Training Course

This industry-accredited training programme is a pathway to a professional career as a
Master Practitioner of Holistic Creative Therapies

This comprehensive, holistic training course has a strong emphasis on nurturing the overall wellbeing, harmony, and balance of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

Students explore a wide range of art based therapy techniques as well as humanistic psychology, holistic counselling skills, anatomy, and physiology,  mind-body medicine, and methods for working with a wide range of people and situations

Our next MPHCT online course commences on

Monday 23rd September 2024

Study online with lots of opportunities to interact with and be fully supported by your Tutor, Assessor, and community of peers

Online (interactive)

Course duration:

Minimum 12 months, maximum 2 years

40 Modules

400 hours study

Online course platform access

Course work submission via online platform every 1 - 2 weeks

10 hours home study per module

Live Virtual Classroom - Weekly 2 hour workshop (via Zoom)

(recorded to watch later if you cannot attend)

Plus 10 hours of clinical practice

Study breaks can be taken at times that suit you

Recognised certification,
MPHCT graduates can use the letters MBECreativeTherp

after their name


Progress feedback from your Assessor

Weekly Tutor/Assessor led Zoom Masterclasses/Q&As

Private course Facebook group

Study Buddy pairing/grouping

Book one to one progress check-ins with your tutor

Complementary Health Industry accredited training

Arts Therapists in the UK must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), which is the statutory regulator of the profession. The Master Practitioner in Holistic Creative Therapies Training course is not an HCPC approved programme and completing the course will not lead to participants being able to register as an Arts Therapist or to provide art therapy.

Who should do this course?
  • This course is inclusive and suitable for everyone with a desire to become a Holistic Creative Therapist aged over 18 years, including mature-aged students 

  • No artistic skill, experience, or prior qualifications are required.  You do not need to be 'good' at art to be an Holistic Creative Therapist

  • Holistic Creative Therapy is about the creative process in a therapeutic context, not the end product

  • You just need the desire to build a rewarding career in a creative field where you can help hundreds of people live happier and healthier lives

Course content
  • Each module includes a theory session for delving into concepts, evidence-based research, and methodologies and a practical session aimed at experiencing and honing art based therapy techniques

  • Ten hours of study per module includes reading, watching videos, making art, and some written assignments

  • You will explore humanistic psychology, develop master-level counselling skills and gain a profound understanding of how and why art based therapy can provide an accelerated and powerful pathway to healing

  • By the end of this course, you will be well-equipped, confident, and qualified to practice as a professional Holistic Creative Therapist and you will have created resources and made plans that will assist you in setting up your own private practice

  • Graduates can join relevant professional organizations and associations and get insurance to practice

  • Graduates in the UK can use the title Creative Therapist or Holistic Creative Therapist (Master Practitioner of Holistic Creative Therapies will be on your graduation certificate).

Course delivery
  • Live Virtual Classroom - Two-hour workshop every week - rotating between Thursday at 4-6pm and Friday 12noon - 2pm (UK time zone).  Recorded to watch later if you cannot attend. This is a hands-on session each week where you will experience art based therapy in a very powerful and personal way

  • Live Zoom Masterclasses/Q&As every week - Tuesday 5pm (UK time zone). Recorded to watch later if you cannot attend. These sessions are a great way to connect, get additional support, have questions answered and discuss our required reading materials

  • 10 hours of home study each week - Your home study will be very practical with a combination of reading, writing essays, making art and watching videos. Study at times that suit you with high support and easy access to your teachers and classmates online whenever you need to connect, ask questions or get inspiration through our exclusive students Facebook page - its open 24/7!

You will need some creative materials to support you on your course

You will be required to purchase a list of basic materials to support practical activities during the course.

Materials for the full course should cost a maximum of £200, materials are not all needed up front and can be bought as required along the way.  We strongly encourage you to use materials you may already have rather than feel you must buy lots of new things!

A list of recommended materials will be supplied post enrolment.

Master Practitioner of Holistic Creative Therapies Course Content

This comprehensive, holistic training course has a strong emphasis on nurturing the overall wellbeing, harmony and balance of the whole person – body, mind and spirit. 

Holistic Creative Therapy is about providing tools, skills, resources, information, inspiration and support in safe therapeutic environments as a catalyst to self-empowerment and self-healing. 


Rather than analysing, interpreting, advising or prescribing, the Holistic Creative Therapist is an educator. The desired outcome is that the client becomes aware of the issues that are limiting them from being happy and healthy and equipped with the understanding, skills and confidence to make positive changes in their life.

Holistic Creative Therapy emphasizes the importance of the mind-body connection and recognizes that creativity can be a powerful tool for self-expression and exploration. Through various art mediums and techniques, clients are encouraged to tap into their inner wisdom and unlock their innate healing potential. By engaging in the creative process, individuals can gain insights, release emotions, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. 


The Holistic Creative Therapist creates a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Instead of imposing solutions, the therapist guides the client in discovering their own solutions and empowering them to take ownership of their healing journey.


By fostering self-awareness and self-compassion, Holistic Creative Therapy enables clients to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns, leading to a greater sense of fulfilment and well-being. The process of creating art becomes a form of meditation, allowing the mind to quieten and the soul to speak its truth. As clients gain confidence in their creative expression, they also gain confidence in facing life's challenges, making positive changes, and embracing their authentic selves. 


In the journey of Holistic Creative Therapy, clients not only find healing but also a renewed sense of purpose and joy. Through self-discovery and creative exploration, they learn to harness their inner strengths and resources to live more authentically and harmoniously. The ultimate goal is to empower individuals to live their lives with intention, resilience, and a deep sense of connection to themselves and the world around them. 


Course Duration: 400 hours
40 modules x 10 hours each 

Plus 10 hours of clinical practice

Every Module includes a theoretical session to explore ideas, evidence-based research and theories, as well as a practical session to experience and develop art therapy techniques.  Practical sessions include hands-on practice in the medium, exploration of the therapeutic benefits and discussions on ways to assist the client in interpreting the creative experience and the end result. Holistic counselling skills are developed throughout the course. 


By the end of this course, graduates will be well-equipped, confident and qualified to practice as professional Holistic Creative Therapists. They will have created resources and made plans that will assist them in setting up their own private practice. They will also be able to join professional organizations and associations, get insurance, and use the title Holistic Creative Therapist and Creative Therapist and the letters MBECreativeTherp. 

Course Modules Content
Painting with Watercolor

Module 1: Principles of Art based Therapy
Practical:  Drawing (Coloured Pencils)


Module 2: Stress and the Fight or Flight Response 
Practical: Mixed Media Collage


Module 3: Anatomy of a Brain 
Practical: Sculpture (Clay)


Module 4: Assessment and Diagnosis in Holistic Art Based Therapy 
Practical: Painting (Acrylics)


Module 5: Colour Therapy 
Practical: Painting (Finger Painting)


Module 6: Principles of Positive Psychology 
Practical: Drawing (Charcoal)


Module 7: Working with Offenders, Abusers and Aggressors 
Practical: Sculpture (Mixed Media Assemblage)


Module 8: Working with Self-Harm and Eating Disorders 
Practical: Body Art


Module 9: The Mind-Body Connection 
Practical: Mask Making


Module 10: Art and the Development of Intuition
Practical: Painting on canvas (Acrylics)

Painted Heart

Module 11: Mindfulness 
Practical:  Painting (watercolours)


Module 12: Holistic Counselling Skills for Creative Therapists (Part One) 
Practical: Photography and digital art project


Module 13: Visualisation & Vision Boards
Practical: Mixed Media Collage – Vision Boards


Module 14: Holistic Counselling Skills for Creative Therapists (Part Two) 
Practical: Drawing (Pastels / Crayons)


Module 15: Holistic Counselling Skills for Creative Therapists (Part Three) 

Practical: Papercraft Book Binding / Journal Making


Module 16: Menopause 

Practical: Painting (Mixed Media)


Module 17: Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome 

Practical: Drawing (Mixed Media)


Module 18: Working with Adolescents

Practical: Mixed Media Collage


Module 19: The Art of Nature 

Practical: Mandala Making (Natural and Found Materials)


Module 20: Holistic Counselling Skills for Creative Therapists (Part Four)

Practical: Painting (Mixed Media)

Painting with Watercolor

Module 21: Self-Healing Through Art 

Practical: Drawing (Pastels)


Module 22: ADHD and the Autism Spectrum 

Practical: Sculpture (Mixed Media Assemblage)


Module 23: Depression 

Practical: Fiber Arts (Textile Collage)


Module 24: Gender Identities 

Practical: Painting (Oil Paints)

Module 25: Exploring Spirituality in Art as Therapy 

Practical: Drawing (Mixed Media)

Module 26: Sexuality 

Practical: Painting (Mixed Media)


Module 27: Emotion Work 

Practical: Painting (Mixed Media)


Module 28: Substance Abuse and Addiction 

Practical: Painting (Finger Painting)


Module 29: Working with Victims of Abuse 

Practical: Drawing (Mixed Media)


Module 30: Grief and Loss

Practical: Painting (Mixed Media)

Painted Runner

Module 31: Anxiety 

Practical:  Sculpture (Mixed Media Assemblage)

Module 32: Working with Senior Adults 

Practical: Painting (Mixed Media)


Module 33: Art Based Therapy for Children 

Practical: Painting (Finger Painting)


Module 34: Family Therapy 

Practical: Sculpture (Clay)


Module 35: Educational, Medical and Corporate Settings 

Practical: Drawing (Mixed Media)


Module 36: Art Based Therapy for Mental Illness 

Practical: Mask Making


Module 37: Chronic Illness and Pain 

Practical:Painting (Mixed Media)


Module 38: Working with groups 

Practical: Painting (Mixed Media)


Module 39: Working with individuals 

Practical: Drawing (Charcoal)


Module 40: Setting up Your Own Holistic Creative Therapy Practice 

Practical: Drawing (Mixed Media)

Clinical Practice

Duration: 10 hours

In this final 'module', students will have the opportunity to apply their holistic art therapy skills in a clinical setting.

Through a 10-hour clinical practice, participants will gain hands-on experience working with clients under the guidance of experienced practitioners.

You will be supported to secure a placement to ensure a structured and supportive learning environment.


This practical component allows students to integrate their theoretical knowledge with real-world scenarios, honing their abilities to facilitate healing and growth through holistic creative therapy. Students will have the chance to observe, interact, and engage with clients, putting their skills to the test and gaining invaluable insights into the dynamics of holistic creative therapy in a clinical context

Required Reading Books

1. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert 

2. The Art Therapy Source Book by Cathy Malchiodi 

3. Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing: A Sensorimotor Art Therapy Approach to Bilateral Body Mapping by Cornelia Elbrecht 

4. Your Brain on Art by Susan Magsamen, Ivy Ross 

5. The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

6. The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron

We'll read these books as a part of your course and review and discuss them along the way

Our course is industry recognised

This means graduates can join the regulating associations when they graduate and gain insurance to practise

CMA Square.png
More than a training course

We can help you turn your passion for holistic wellbeing and helping others into a rewarding career that will change your life.


Our graduates can join four international associations and have their qualifications recognized in more than 20 countries around the world.


Our graduates can get professional insurance and work legally in more than 20 countries.


Resources and After Care
We provide ongoing support and resources to help you build your holistic career, including guidance to help you attract clients and grow your well-being business.

Online Conference
Working from Home

For further information or for answers to any questions please contact Katie your Course Facilitator

Our next MPHCT online course commences on

Monday 23rd September 2024

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